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Turn missed calls into revenue

Auto Missed Call Text Back
Eliminate risk of losing clients Automate common questions Get more reservations Get more online orders and much more! |

With automated instant text response, you can win more business even when you are busy! No more missed revenue opportunities.

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Never Miss a Lead, Even After Hours

Tired of losing potential customers with missed calls? What if every missed call turned into a new opportunity?

With Easy Smart Texting, that’s exactly what happens!

How it works

The Missed Call

A customer calls your business, but you can't answer. No worries!

Automated Text

Easy Smart Texting automatically sends a friendly text message letting them know you missed their call with a short menu.

The Response

The best part? Customers can reply directly to the text with their questions from the menu options and schedule appointments, reservations, online orders, and much more – all without the hassle of voicemail!

automated phone to text message for missed calls

Test it out live

Call our demo line at 954-399-1076 let it ring once and hang up to simulate a missed call.

All responses can be fully customized with anything you want including links

You can even customize different messages for answered calls and missed calls.

Answered calls – Thank you for calling ____ today! We hope we answered all your questions and if not please respond let us know here.

Missed Calls – Hello! We’re sorry we missed your call. How can we assist you today? Reservation, Directions, Catering, Order or other. We’re here to help!

Why is Auto Missed Call Text Back a game-changer?

See how it benefits different businesses:



Imagine a hungry customer craving your delicious food. They call to make a reservation, but you're swamped with a busy night. With Easy Smart Texting, they get a friendly text reminding them you're open and offering the option to book a table right then! No more lost reservations or frustrated customers calling someone else.
Service Based Business

Service Based Business

A leaky roof or water heater doesn't wait for business hours. A potential customer calls for an urgent repair quote, but your team is out on a job. Easy Smart Texting lets them know you received their call and offers them the option to text back for a quick response or to schedule an appointment for later. This prompt action could mean the difference between winning their business or losing it to a competitor.


Someone needing legal advice might not leave a voicemail, but they'll likely text back a quick question. Easy Smart Texting ensures you capture these leads by sending a message after a missed call. Your automated text can offer to schedule a consultation or provide a link to your website with helpful legal resources. This way, you never miss a chance to connect with a potential client.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Includes 1 local number and texting credits for inbound and outbound messages. Inquire for toll free numbers.

Phone 2 Text

Single Business Line Monthly
$ 39
Includes 500 texting credits monthly
FREE Setup
1 FREE local number

Increase orders, get more leads, drive more sales and so much more with text message marketing with Easy Smart Texting

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