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Grow Your Business with Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a powerful way to reach your customers directly and drive results. Our platform makes it easy to send mass text messages, track results, and integrate with other apps.

Want to make an additional $1,000+ $2,000+ $5,000+ $10,000+ | in revenue this week?

SMS marketing and text message marketing for small business

Increase orders, get more leads, drive more sales and so much more with text message marketing with Easy Smart Texting

Results from our customers

Ocean Brews & Blues Fest

Ocean Brews & Blues Fest

Over 1,000 Tickets Sold by text
We have been using Easy Smart Texting for over 2 years now have built up a massive list of beer lovers to market to. This has also been a huge benefit for day of alerts, thank you messages and review feedback.

May 2023
Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers

Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers

Easy Smart Texting has been a game-changer for our business, especially in terms of promoting our weekly specials. The platform's impact on increasing our daily reservations has been tremendous. Additionally, it's been an effective tool for announcing our weekly live band schedule, keeping our customers well-informed about upcoming events. The outstanding service and support they provide is top notch.
Dania Beach Oktoberfest

Dania Beach Oktoberfest

Sold out of pre-sale tickets
Switching from email collection on our website to phone number collection with pop ups and opt-in links quickly grew our pre-sale customer list as people visited our website and joined for news, updates and discounts. Once we sent out our 1st text to our group we sold out of all our presale tickets within 48 hours! 

October 2023
Dania Beach Wine & Seafood Fest

Dania Beach Wine & Seafood Fest

Over 800 people joined our list within 2 weeks
Before launching our tickets we were promoting our text list on our website and social media pages. Within 2 weeks we had just over 800 people join our text list for early bird ticket updates. With using easy smart texting we we saw a huge spike in ticket sales every text blast and we even used the service the day of the event to text everyone when something was happening like the chef demonstrations times, parking updates and a message to stop by our sponsors tent for a giveaway. Even after the event we are still collecting info from our website that will be used for next years event! A++++

March 2024
sms marketing company for small businesses and text message marketing for restaurants

Text message marketing is a powerful way to reach your customers directly and drive results.

  • Increase revenue: Text message marketing can help you increase revenue by driving traffic to your website and promoting your products and services.
  • Improve customer engagement: Text message marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and build stronger relationships.
  • Build stronger relationships: Text message marketing is a personal way to communicate with your customers and make them feel valued.

Building your texting list is easy

How it works

Build a Customer Database

  • Collect customer data from your existing sources
  • Build a compliant database from your POS and online ordering systems
  • Meet opt-in compliance standards for text marketing

Point of Sale

Integrate your POS to send review request, loyalty awards and receipts.

Text to Join

Set up your own personal keyword for customers to text in to join your list

QR Codes

Place your QR codes on stickers, flyers, menus, table tents etc.. and let customers easily opt-in by scanning the QR code.

Online Orders

Pop-ups are great way to build a customer database but also offer an instant discount to order now. Win-win for all!

And More

Sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative. Signup for a free account and brainstorm with one of our marketing specialist.


Personalize Your Marketing and build your customer list

Build strong relationships with your customers by sending them focused text messages that encourage action.

MMS and voice broadcast capabilities

  • Boost your messaging impact with MMS (Picture Messages). A single picture can convey what a thousand words cannot.

  • Reach your customers effectively through Voice Broadcasting. This method allows you to send a pre-recorded message to hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously, offering a broad and efficient communication solution.

Small business text message marketing software.

Build Your Customer List with QR Codes & Kiosks

Grow your subscriber list easily using different methods: add pop-ups on your website, create simple sign-up forms, use clickable links, QR codes, set up kiosks, and include specific keywords in texts.

business kiosk that collect customer cell phones for text message marketing. Restaurant Kiosk for customer loyalty

Real Time Reports

Access Real Time Reports to monitor and analyze your delivery rates as they happen.

Scheduled Calendar

Utilize our Scheduled Calendar to plan and organize your weekly or monthly schedule in advance.

API for Integrations

Use our custom API to seamlessly integrate with your current software, or take advantage of Zapier for easy connections.

Live Phone Support

Our hands-on approach, strategic advice, and ongoing support has been key to our customers’ success.

What People Think About Us

text message marketing software for pizza restaurants

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Increase orders, get more leads, drive more sales and so much more with text message marketing with Easy Smart Texting

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Smarter SMS Marketing solutions by Easy Smart Texting allows you to create effective text message marketing campaigns easily online.


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